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  • 13 Photos That Prove Malia Obama Is Slowly Morphing Into Michelle

    It's a scary moment when you look down at your outfit only to realize, wait - wait a minute - you're dressed just like your mom. But if said mom happens to be Michelle Obama, FLOTUS and fashion icon to women everywhere, it's not such a raw deal. In fact, that's something her daughter Malia should truly take as a compliment, as comparisons between the two ladies begin to flood the Internet.

    And after browsing through pics of the 17-year-old ourselves, it's increasingly obvious: Michelle's chic and ladylike fashion sense has definitely rubbed off on the eldest Obama child. Take a look at how many times Malia proved she got it from her mama, and hope that these two start sharing clothes sometime in the near future.

  • The Chicest Women Have a Uniform: A Case Study

    Think about the women in your workplace whose personal style you really admire. Sure, there's always the one who has all the latest trends - fringe, off the shoulder, chokers galore - but when you think of effortless style, someone who always looks good, is it her? Probably not. The reality is, trends are great fun, but they always feel . . . well, trendy, not timeless. Wearing a big trend may get you a big "oh wow" moment in the morning when you walk into work, but then suddenly you find yourself in overalls and clogs in a big meeting with your boss feeling a little stupid. Trends are also not universally flattering. I'll be the first to admit that culottes look more clown, less Gigi on my body shape.

    But this isn't about hating trends. Rather, this is all about celebrating uniforms. The women who I think of as chic and effortless often wear iterations of the same outfit. They have a uniform, if you will. These uniforms vary from woman to woman, but what all of them have in common is that they are flattering to that woman's specific body type, have a somewhat classic flair to them, and suit her own personal style. You may not gasp when they walk into a meeting, but they always look sharp and elegant in any situation.

    Many of the most adored fashion icons have subtle uniforms they adhere to. They figure out what works for their body, and they stick to it. Women like Jackie O, Iris Apfel, Jenna Lyons, Brigitte Bardot, and even Anna Wintour all had or have a look. A definable style. Whether a it's Brigitte Bardot in a Breton striped tee with cigarette pants, or Anna in floral-print Prada dresses with big sunglasses, these women know what works for their bodies and they own their uniform. You would never deign to say that that Jackie O had boring style, and yet if you take a closer look you'll see that she stuck mainly to the same styles in varying colors. This isn't to say they wear the exact same thing every day, but they do religiously follow a pattern.

    In a world of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter where you can see bloggers posting new outfits 24 hours a day, we've entered a new era of trend overload. Before we've even gotten out of bed in the morning, we're scrolling through Instagram to see what our fashion idols are wearing today. Our lives are so saturated with trend that we've largely stopped cultivating personal style, and being honest about what really suits us. With everything in real time, we feel pressure to constantly be wearing the next thing, now, and this often results in frenzied fashion risks that don't always pay off. Not to mention, chasing trends is expensive. Something highly memorable like a camo bomber jacket looks great . . . one or two times. After all your friends have seen it, you likely won't be keen to wear it again and you'll need to buy whatever the next trendy piece of outerwear is, only to have the cycle start all over again.

    On a practical level, having a uniform also helps you avoid the dreaded 25-minute closet panic you have every other morning, thinking, "What should I wear today!?!" They say you wear 20 percent of your closet 80 percent of the time anyway, so spend some time investing in good quality, flattering foundation pieces you can mix and match. Basics sound boring, but they don't have to be. If loafers are part of your uniform, invest in some Gucci. Love great dresses? Splurge on some Stella.

    Don't burn your bomber jacket just yet. There will always be room for trends - they make the fashion world go around, and keep us invigorated. Simply spend some time thinking about what clothes you always feel good in and make those your basics. Never be afraid to put on your favorite combination of uniform basics. After all, is there anything more flattering than someone saying, "I just love your look!"?

  • The 10 Most Stylish First Ladies to Walk Through the White House

    Of course we could never ignore the POTUS. It's just, with such a stylish first lady by his side, we might briefly overlook him, admiring his wife's lovely ensemble right off the bat. In the case of the 10 women here - Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Eleanor Roosevelt all included - we were completely smitten.

    These women redefined power dressing during their time in the White House, proving their confidence through fashion-forward outfits. Whether they were slipping into a gown for the inaugural ball or just giving a speech in a colorful suit, there was one common thread: these first ladies knew (or know) how to get noticed and make a memorable, sophisticated statement - now isn't that what politics is all about?

  • The Perfect Investment Piece to Add to Your Wardrobe - According to Your Zodiac Sign

    By now, this style lesson likely sounds like a broken record: rather than spending your money on tons of fast-fashion items, save up for something of quality - aka a chic investment that'll last for years to come. But while you love the idea of having something fancy in your wardrobe, it can be hard to decide on that next big purchase. Which is exactly where your zodiac sign comes in.

    Maybe your sign's adventurous and something statement-making is best. Or you could enjoy tradition, which will lead you to something truly timeless. Whatever your sign, you'll find our suggestion ahead. Then, check out more fashion splurges worth every penny.

  • Amal Clooney Just Confirmed That Your LBD Is Always a Good Idea

    If you're Amal Clooney, you likely have an outfit for everything, even to visit with the pope. Sure, there's a lot of pressure that comes with an event like that, but when Mrs. Clooney stepped out for the "Un Moro o Un Ponte" Seminary at the Vatican, hosted by Pope Francis himself, she looked cool, calm, and collected in a classic ensemble.

    The power dresser relied on an old standby, selecting a black lace three-quarter-sleeved dress and classic neutral pumps, which she finished with a fashion-girl twist: a coordinating hat. Let this elegant look remind you that an LBD is always a good idea; just fashion it with a personal touch and you'll always have the perfect outfit. Read on to see how Amal styled hers in full.

  • 14 Blogger-Approved Watches That Are Just as Practical as They Are Pretty

    In the age of digital devices such as phones, laptops, and even fitness bands, we get that a - gasp! - watch isn't exactly on the top of your need-to-have list. But that doesn't mean a classic timepiece won't make the perfect accessory to pair with your dress, jeans, or jumpsuit and even come in handy when (cue that scary movie music) you really need to find an outlet.

    Even bloggers love their good ol' watches, rocking everything from an investment Rolex to an affordable Timex. See which options these stylish ladies are wearing and snag what you like for yourself. Then, when you're done, check out the sturdy suitcases that also have the fashion girl stamp of approval.

  • The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide: 6 Trends, 58 Pairs, and Every Price

    You're not ready for warmer weather till you've found the right sunglasses. And while you likely have a staple pair you keep in heavy rotation, we're inviting you to mix it up in time for beach days, BBQs, and happy hours in the sun. We hope it won't take too much convincing, especially since the crop of styles are iresistibly statement-making. In fact, you can pretty much refresh your whole look just by throwing on a pair. Just read on to browse the six major trends, or jump to the silhouettes that speak to you.

  • 44 Reasons Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden Is the Royal Glamazon You Need to Follow

    If your royal style inspiration is limited to Kate Middleton, girl, you've got to expand your horizons. Don't get us wrong, Kate's sophisticated looks provide countless outfit ideas we consider on the regular, but there are plenty of queens and princesses up to par - Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden included. Not only is the duchess expected to inherit the throne, but she's got a vibrant wardrobe that will help her make power moves.

    Jaw-dropping brooches and jewels, over-the-top tiaras, and glamorous gowns covered in sequins are all go-tos for Victoria, and her maternity style was just as regal. But sans baby bump, we expect the crown princess to take even more style risks. Just wait until you see her Pär Engsheden-designed wedding gown! Read on to see the 44 reasons this Swedish duchess, who happens to favor purple, is a fashion icon in her own right. We recommend you start following her, stat.

  • 14 Royal Engagement Rings Even Better Than a Crown

    One major perk of being a princess? A stunning engagement ring, likely passed down through generations, sitting atop your royal finger. Kate Middleton's Ceylon sapphire alone spawned tons of knockoffs, and she's not the only one with a superfancy accessory.

    There are plenty of princesses, queens, and countesses with engagement rings we'd happily accept (given, of course, we were just as into the royal doing the asking). Look through to see some of the best, then check out a few affordable ring options. After all, your crown is invisible, but that price tag is not.

  • Anja Rubik Poses in Casual Looks for Vogue Portugal Cover Story

    Anja Rubik wears a brown leather jacket, white shirt and pantsTop model Anja Rubik graces the June 2016 cover of Vogue Portugal, layering up in a tan jacket, navy blouse, pants and sneakers. Inside the magazine, the blonde beauty poses for Hunter & Gatti in transitional looks that go from summer to fall. Stylist Ada Kokosar selects a mix of casual shirting, sneakers, quilted jackets […]

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  • Enjoy the Summer in One of These Lace-Up Dresses

    Lace-Up-Dresses-2016Flaunt some skin in one of the season’s hottest trends–lace-up detailing. Whether you are looking for bodycon silhouettes or loose and flowy, the lace-up style on a dress is perfect for a night out clubbing or sunny day on the beach. Check out our selection of lace-up dresses in denim, suede, stretch knit and more […]

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  • Week in Review | Rihanna Designs Sunglasses, La Perla’s Fall Ads Revealed + More

    Week-Review-May-29Catch up with the top stories from the last week of May. Campaigns/Lookbooks: La Perla Gets a New Look for its Fall 2016 Campaign – Link Edita Vilkeviciute Hits the Beach for Zara Home’s Summer Line – Link Hailey Clauson Poses in the Coolest Vacation Wardrobe for REVOLVE – Link Karlie Kloss Named Swarovski’s New […]

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