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  • Candice Swanepoel nue pour le magazine Lui

    Ceux qui suivent mon blog depuis plusieurs années, savent que je considère la top model Candice Swanepoel comme l’une des plus belles femmes au monde. C’est donc tout naturellement que j’ai décidé de vous proposer les photos de cette sublime… La suite des photos
  • Cindy Crawford à propos de ses photos volées et retouchées : "Je me suis sentie manipulée"

    Cindy Crawford est revenue dans le Elle Canada sur l'affaire de la photo retouchée publiée sans son autorisation sur internet, alors qu'elle provenait d'un shooting privé. Elle qualifie cette mauvaise expérience d'intimidation...
  • Cara Delevingne se dénude pour Yves Saint Laurent (Photo)

    Même si elle a annoncé qu’elle arrêtait le mannequinat, Cara Delevingne fait encore parler d’elle dans le monde de la mode avec une campagne pour Yves Saint Laurent dans laquelle elle apparaît presque nue...
  • Claudia Romani en string la nouvelle bombe de Secret Story

    Voici quelques photos bien sympas de la nouvelle bombe à gros seins de Secret Story : Claudia Romani que certains internautes connaissaient deja depuis quelques mois. En effet cette jolie brune est connue pour son corps de rêve la voici d’ailleurs en string sur une plage de Miami et on comprend bien pourquoi elle a more

    Cet article Claudia Romani en string la nouvelle bombe de Secret Story est apparu en premier sur Photos Célébrités Nues.

  • Christina Milian, 15 images

  • Claudia Galanti, 16 images

  • Corvette Z06 Fake Police Car Gone Bad Does Burnouts and Donuts – Video

    The C6 Corvette Z06 is a machine that needs no extra touch in order to delight its owner on each and every occasion he gets behind the wheel. But what if you owned one and wanted to make the most out of the hooning experience? Well, we're not here to give you advice on how to put the 7-liter V8 work. Instead, we want to talk about how a Z06 owner decided to play a dangerous, tire-smoking game. This is a ... (continue reading >>)
  • Chloe Sevigny naked, 19 images

  • Camille Rowe, 16 images

  • Chevrolet Corvette Hauling a Bomb on the Highway: No Tailgating

    No, the image above doesn't seem to be a product of Photoshop, or any other image manipulation software, for that matter. This is actually a Corvette catering to a bomb's transportation needs. The photo shows a C4 'Vette towing a trailer, which is unusual enough on its own. Nevertheless, we are more worried (no, really, we are) about the cargo. At first sight, the image, which comes via (continue reading >>)
  • Challenger Hellcat Owners Installing Carbon-Ceramic Pads to Adress Excessive Brake Dust Issue

    The Challenger Hellcat has reliable brakes. It really does - those Brembos are just the kind of stoppers a behemoth behemuscle likes this needs. But they have one small issue that has made certain owners unhappy - they seem to generate too much brake dust for these people's taste. Let's see: we have the heaviest car in its class, which makes use of the largest front braking hardware ever offered on an SRT machine. So yes, we are... (continue reading >>)
  • Challenger Hellcat, Charger Hellcat and Viper Play Tug of War with Colored Tires – Video

    After many months of Hellcat market presence, we're still not sure about Dodge's hyperpowered machine juggling. The SRT people explain the Hellcat is now their halo product, but we know the Viper deserves our attention too. So who should be crowned king of Mopars? The answer comes from Dodge itself and is delivered in the good old Tug of War form. SRT tied a Challenger Hellcat, a Charger Hellcat and a (continue reading >>)
  • Chinese Titanium Hypercar Icona Vulcano Heading to Pebble Beach – Photo Gallery

    Announced for the first time as a glorious 1,000 HP hypercar back in 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Icona Vulcano has been rather unknown until recently. Not it is aiming to make it back into the spotlight with a reveal at Pebble Beach this weekend. Compared to what the company claimed initially, the specs of the car that will reach Pebble Beach are rather modest. The 1,000 HP monster under the bonnet was replaced by a 670 HP big-blo... (continue reading >>)
  • Candice Swanepoel Booty Cheeks In Lingerie For Hump Day Delights

    Candice Swanepoel is one seriously sexy woman. That is a given. But these pics show a part of her that usually isn't as featured in her spreads: her booty. Normally, it is all about Candice's funbags and this Victoria's Secret pictoral is no different. Her mammoth ta-tas are on ...

  • Chevy Small Block V8 Engine Swap for Massey Ferguson Tractor Brings a Mayhem Machine – Video

    To the best of our knowledge, there's no engineering university in the world that teaches its students how to build fast tractors. Nonetheless, once these agricultural machines reach the real world, certain people will always have a fetish for V8-ing the hell out of them. People like the guy in the video below. The man decided that was his Massey Ferguson tractor really needed was not another plowing accessory or field work hardware.... (continue reading >>)
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