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  • Taylor Hill is ‘So Obsessed’ in New Victoria’s Secret Promos

    Taylor Hill wears Victoria's Secret 'So Obsessed' push-up bra with lace

    Victoria's Secret Angel takes the spotlight in the lingerie brand's new push-up campaign featuring the ‘So Obsessed' and ‘Very Sexy' styles. The face of VS' ‘Scandalous' scent flaunts some major cleavage while wearing the fishnet and lace embellished styles. Taylor wears her hair in sexy waves with a smokey eyeshadow look for the new promos.

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  • Tove Lo dévoile sa poitrine en plein concert à Rio!

    Cela est devenue sa marque de fabrique telle Janette Jackson! Galerie: Pour voir ce que cela donnait en live, voici la vidéo de son concert à Rio de Janeiro, où l’on peut voir l’action tant attendue de la chanteuse: Pour les impatients allez directement vers 2min30


    Cela est devenue sa marque de fabrique telle Janette Jackson!

    20150902-to-love-poitrine-1 20150902-to-love-poitrine-2 20150902-to-love-poitrine-3 20150902-to-love-poitrine-4 20150902-to-love-poitrine-5 20150902-to-love-poitrine-6 20150902-to-love-poitrine-7

    Pour voir ce que cela donnait en live, voici la vidéo de son concert à Rio de Janeiro, où l’on peut voir l’action tant attendue de la chanteuse:

    Pour les impatients allez directement vers 2min30 ;-)

  • Taclée sur ses seins, Halle Berry répond

    A 49 ans, Halle Berry affiche une silhouette qui fait bien des envieuses. Pourtant, elle a reçu des critiques sur sa poitrine, asymétrique au goût d’un internaute.
  • Taylor Schilling et Judith Godrèche nues dans the Overnight

    Quelle bonne surprise de retrouver Judith Godrèche à poil dans une comédie américaine, on ne l’attendait vraiment pas dans ce registre. Surtout qu’elle n’hésite pas à retirer sa culotte pour un plan serré. C’est dans le film The Overnight, pas encore sorti en France, que l’on peut voir l’actrice française aux côtés de Taylor Schilling more

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  • The Kardashian-Jenners Just Slipped Into Their Sexiest Looks of the Summer

    The Kardashian-Jenner family has sexy dressing down to a science. They have spent the Summer in skintight gowns and sexy swimsuits – but for the VMAs they pulled out all the stops. From Kourtney's bold pink jumpsuit, to Kylie's woven minidress it's tough to decide who was sexiest more

  • Taylor Momsen, 15 images

  • Tyra Banks nude, 15 images

  • Tesla’s Creepy Metal Snake Autonomous Charger Can Find the Car on Its Own – Video

    Remember the metallic snakes Elon Musk told us would eventually become the next step in Tesla's charging technology? Well, they're here, as showcased in a video that's just been released by the Palo Alto carmaker. We are talking about an autonomous charger that can find the car on its own and connect to it. Tesla describes this as a prototype charger, so we'll still have to wait for the production f... (continue reading >>)
  • The Faulty Carburetor caused Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

    The Indiana Jones star was flying his two-seater fighter World War II era aircraft accordingly, as the National Transportation Safety Board report shows a carburetor problem caused the March crash. The report once again confirms how good of a pilot the Star Wars actor is. You may recall this incident since it did stir up the media around the US when it happened, back in March. Sure, tabloids would be the first to speculate on both the ac... (continue reading >>)
  • Toyota GT 86 Vantage by DAMD Is a Japanese Aston Martin Copy – Video, Photo Gallery

    You never know what you might find when you check up on a Japanese tuning company you've only read about once. In 2013, DAMD made the Toyota GT 86 (Scion FR-S) look like a Lexus LFA. Now they're back, and they've transformed the same car into an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The project is appropriately called the 86 Vantage. The bad news is that they haven't stuffed a V8 or V12 engine under the bonnet. But everything else ... (continue reading >>)
  • Trombone Miata Uses the Instrument as Sport Exhaust, Sounds Cool – Video

    Miata owners can be split in two main categories. There are those who have a fetish for the little Mazda and then we have the people who wanted a sporstcar and couldn't afford something placed above it. We're not sure about the category in which the Miata guy in the video below falls, but we can agree on one thing - the guy has good sense of humor. Oh and we also believe he has nice taste in music. See... (continue reading >>)
  • Twitter begins rolling out landscape support to iPhone 6 Plus users

    In yet another staggered feature rollout, Twitter has begun enabling full landscape support for its iOS app on the iPhone 6 Plus. Like with many of Apple's bundled applications, Twitter app users on the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone can navigate their Timelines, Tweet, and Direct Message in landscape mode…


    This mode allows users to view past message threads while replying to a current thread for example. However, especially in the Timeline view, the application does not take full advantage of the extra space in landscape mode. As this landscape view has not been enabled for all users, it is possible that Twitter will tweak and improve the feature before it debuts it for everyone.


    While the feature appears to be working for a couple of 9to5Mac staff members with the iPhone 6 Plus, it is not functional on any standard iPhone 6 models running the Twitter app. Twitter typically slowly rolls out features, such as the upcoming “Project Lightning” news curation service that will launch as “Moments.”

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  • T-Mobile officially becomes #3 US carrier, Sprint CEO says company ‘now focused on customers, not rankings’

    T-Mobile_US_Retail_Store_in_Waterbury,_CT.jpg (2592×1936) 2015-08-04 12-36-06

    In case you didn't notice (which is basically no one at this point, thanks to the more-than-loud John Legere), T-Mobile has tried to be as disruptive as possible over the last couple years. And now, Sprint, which has long been the third-largest mobile carrier in the United States, is admitting defeat. It seems T-Mobile's tactics are working, and Sprint's first fiscal quarter report released today shows that its 56.8 million subscribers are just shy of the 58.9 million that T-Mobile reported it had last month.

    Legere took to Twitter earlier this morning to celebrate the news, although the company has been unofficially claiming its spot as the third largest carrier in the US for quite some time now. “Now that it's official,” Legere says, “how about we focus on why T-Mobile is succeeding?” And it seems that Legere firmly believes that the company's successes are largely thanks to its “un-carrier” revamps to the company's services — evidence that the carrier is actually “listening to customers” unlike its competitors.

    Marcelo Claure, Sprint's CEO, replied to Legere, saying that the company deserves credit and respect for what it has accomplished. He goes on to congratulate Legere and suggests that Sprint has heard from customers and will be changing its ways. “Now focused on customers not rankings,” the CEO said:

    @JohnLegere @TMobile deserve credit. Much respect. Now focused on customers not rankings. Congrats. #movingforward

    MarceloClaure (@marceloclaure) August 04, 2015

    In all, it seems as if T-Mobile is doing at least some things right. A couple of weeks ago, the company announced that it was introducing a new platform called “Advanced Messaging” which brings many of the features commonly found in most modern messaging apps. And just last week, T-Mobile announced that it was adding Apple Music to its Music Freedom offerings, as well as offering the next iPhone (which hasn't been announced) for free to anyone who buys an iPhone 6 through Jump on Demand over the next couple of months.

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  • Taylor Swift Revealing Skintastic Show In Vanity Fair

    Taylor Swift shows off her fair share of skin in this spread for Vanity Fair. Prominently featured is what in the opinion of many people, myself included, is Taylor's finest attribute: her legs. Sweet Jesus on a cracker her legs are sexy as F. They are long and lean and oh so ...

  • Taylor Swift for Vanity Fair of the Day


    Taylor Swift is an aspiring model, you know tall enough, cute enough, awkward enough, skinny enough, which is pretty fucking weird, because she's Taylor Swift, probably one of the biggest acts in the world, so rich and famous, with this massive engaged audience, who really has no need to be an aspiring model, but I guess since she hangs out with all these models, and is semi-obsessed with modeling, while modeling is a good marketing hook for herself to continue make money, while doing what all her besties do, in what I assume is the Taylor Swift modeling agency, like she was Michael Jackson and they were little boys, designed to relive that lost childhood..

    I guess what I am trying to say is, here's Taylor Swift's Vanity Fair shoot….

    Taylor-Swift-Vanity-Fair02 Taylor-Swift-Vanity-Fair03 Taylor-Swift-Vanity-Fair04 Taylor-Swift-Vanity-Fair05 Taylor-Swift-Vanity-Fair06

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