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  • The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 2.10.16

    Claudia Alende in lingerie, famous ladies' nipples, and a freakish reminder that Selena Gomez still looks like she's 8. It's The Crap We Missed. …
  • Thanks to Mansur Gavriel, Your Shoe Closet Is Now Complete

    Shopping the classic Mansur Gavriel bucket bag was like training for a marathon - it took determination to finally get your hands on the prize, and even then you couldn't believe you did it. That's because the new accessory label has become so covetable, street style stars consider Mansur Gavriel a staple in their closets. When we learned the brand was launching shoes for Spring '16, we thought, "Well, of course. We've got to achieve that sleek, simple look when it comes to footwear, too."

    For the next two weeks, you can shop the suede mules, platforms, and sliders exclusively on But with such delicious colorways from cobalt blue and burnt orange to dusty rose and a plum-tinged cranberry, we doubt these styles will stay in stock for long. Read on to fall in love with your new pair, which comes designed with craft in mind:

    "It's a block heel, so as it gets higher, there's a platform that adds extra support. We wanted a range of shoes where you could have this high heel that's quite sexy but also wearable, and a lower heel that's easy and comfortable but also elegant," designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel explained.

  • The Reason Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Have an Oscar of the Day

    I used to be a believer that a broken Lindsay Lohan, who was so fucking famous after her parents sold her to Disney and monetized the fuck out of her, despite robbing her of her soul….would one day win an Oscar… My rationale was that she’d make a good story of overcoming all odds, you […]

    The post The Reason Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Have an Oscar of the Day appeared first on DrunkenStepfather.

    I used to be a believer that a broken Lindsay Lohan, who was so fucking famous after her parents sold her to Disney and monetized the fuck out of her, despite robbing her of her soul….would one day win an Oscar…

    My rationale was that she’d make a good story of overcoming all odds, you know since she hasn’t died yet….coupled with the fact that I don’t think acting requires any actual talent, just ego and willingness to not feel like an asshole, when clearly you’re being an asshole…

    I though that her extreme training as a young kid would allow her to dial into that part of her brain and get it…but then she puts out this shit..and I think…”God she’s terrible”….

    I guess despite being a believer I am pretty sure Lohan is done….all based on her Dubsmash she felt the fans needed to see.

    The post The Reason Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Have an Oscar of the Day appeared first on DrunkenStepfather.

  • The Crap We Missed – Tuesday 2.9.16

    A bunch of pics that are not naked photos of Tom Hardy's dick, so I don't know why I bothered. It's The Crap We Missed.
  • Tom Hardy Penis Photos, Anyone?

    Tom Hardy naked is happening. This is real life.
  • Teresa Giudice: A Profile In Courage

    Teresa Giudice is just a rich white lady who wanted to live in a mansion by defrauding banks. WHEN WILL THIS OPPRESSION END?
  • Throwback: All the Best NYFW Street Style From Last Season

    Every time New York Fashion Week rolls around, you can bet we've got our eyes on the streets - and the style stars who bring them a little color. Last season, there was no lack of creativity when it came to inspiring outfits finished with decadent designer handbags. Read on for a look at all the playful dresses and bold pops of color we spotted during NYFW Spring '16, and get excited for a full month of looks straight from London, Milan, and Paris, too.

    - Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak

  • This Sexy New Swim Campaign Is About to Break the Internet

    You might recognize supermodel Ashley Graham as the face of Forever 21's latest Spring campaign or perhaps you've seen the lingerie she designed and debuted at Fashion Week. Graham is a pioneer for body positivity, proving that all silhouettes are sexy. In her latest ads for swimsuitsforall, she joins Nicola Griffin and Philomena Kwao to drive her point home: not only is every body sexy, every body can wear the hell out of an itty-bitty metallic two-piece.

    The #SwimSexy campaign graces the pages of the Sports Illustrated annual Swimsuit Issue, spotlighting Griffin who, at 56 years old, is the oldest woman to debut her bikini body in the magazine. And if that's not buzzy enough, the three women show off their beach style in a short film for the brand, which you can watch ahead. Read on to see all the photos and read powerful quotes from Graham, Griffin, and Kwao, and then preorder the gold triangle design that's so undeniably flattering.

  • The Crap We Missed – Monday 2.8.16

    Candice Swanepoel in a thong, January Jones possibly hammed up, Paula Deen healthy livin', and the boobs that went to the Super Bowl. It's The Crap We Missed. …
  • These 7 Oscar Nominees Just Proved Once and For All That the Naked Dress Is Dead

    If there's one style we wish would stop popping up on red carpets, it has to be the naked dress. By now, the look has lost its shock value, and we're dying to see some modest dresses and suits take over this award season.

    But if today's Academy Awards luncheon is any indication, the barely there look is on its way out. A quick scroll and you'll find this year's fashion-forward crew in high necklines, pantsuits, and a long pair of shorts - but sheer material and low-cut style? Nope, not a one. Read on to view all the standout looks as we keep our fingers crossed that the trend will only continue come Oscars night.

  • This Fashion Editor Let Her Husband Dress Her For a Whole Week

    As a woman admittedly preoccupied with fashion for as long as I can remember, surrendering a week of outfits to my husband's whims for a styling experiment sounded like torture. Let me preface this by saying that my husband, Thomas, is pretty stylish. He grew up with a fashion-savvy mother and two sisters, so he really does get fashion, or at the very least, has been exposed to great style for much of his life. Add to that that we've been together for 11 years, so he knows me and my taste.

    Still, like most men he has some strong feelings about what he thinks I should be wearing and most of the time it skews a whole lot sexier than I'm comfortable with. I assumed inappropriately tight silhouettes and revealing necklines would feature prominently in the week to come, and I immediately resolved to wear a sign at the office with the disclaimer: "My husband dressed me today." Read on to see how the week evolved with my husband playing stylist.

  • The Ultimate Lingerie Buying Guide

    There's no shortage of pretty lingerie on the racks at this time of year, and many men like to treat the ladies in their lives to something special for Christmas. We know lots of guys have got it sorted; they know what size their woman wears, her favorite brands, and the colors and shapes that will fit and flatter her. But there are still a few clueless boyfriends, husbands, and partners out there who just don't know where to start. It's our aim to make sure no woman unwraps a tacky red lace and satin set, peekaboo bra, or side-tie thong unless she wants to. So step forward and take note of our handy guide to buying the right lingerie for a very lucky lady.

    1. Find Out Her Size

    You probably know your partner's dress size, which is a good start. But bra size is a whole other ball game. Firstly, let us be clear about this, if you don't know exactly what size you need, you really shouldn't buy a bra. There is nothing worse than a badly fitted bra, and guessing someone's size is almost impossible unless you're a trained fitter. One size does not fit all, and dress size often isn't much of an indication of bra size. If you don't know the right size, consider buying a negligee or camisole instead, where a perfect fit isn't as vital. Finding out the size is as simple as checking the label on two or three of your lady's favorite bras (check more than one just in case she's between sizes). Bra sizes have two components, and you'll need to remember both to get the right bra ("She's about a C cup" isn't enough). The number relates to the measurement around the body and rib cage directly under the bust and is required for a supportive fit. The letter relates to volume of the bust itself and the size of the cup in relation to the band. Thus the D in a 32D is very different from the D in a 38D!

    2. Know Her Preference

    We'll assume, if you're buying a woman underwear, that you've probably seen her wearing it at some point. Try to remember as much as you can about her preferences. Does she always wear black or prefer lighter colors or bright shades? Are her panties full briefs or shorts, or does she prefer a thong? Are her bras pretty and lacy or a little more modern and unusual? There's nothing to stop you buying her something different, but don't stray too far from her basic preferences. A woman who wears practical white cotton every day is unlikely to enjoy wearing a red satin strapless bra and matching thong . . . but perhaps she'd love a pretty lilac-colored set with a lace trim?

    3. If in Doubt, Think Sophisticated

    Unless you know that your lady enjoys playing dress-up, it's safest to steer clear of anything novelty. Sometimes silly is fun, but only if you're 100 percent sure your girl will get on board. It's much safer to err on the side of caution and look for sophisticated luxury, not cheap fun. Avoid anything with too many colors or too much fussy detail or anything that is overtly sexual (crotchless panties, half-cup bras, latex, and so on) unless you can be absolutely sure it's what your woman loves.

    4. Pick the Right Shop

    Department stores and big retailers offer the most choice and variation and often have good in-house ranges (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's M&S collection or Debenhams' many Designers at Debenhams offerings). If you want plenty of advice, head to a specialist retailer like Rigby & Peller or Agent Provocateur where trained staff will be on hand to help you find what you're looking for. Online, the big player is Figleaves, but most retailers have a surprisingly large lingerie offering online; ASOS is a favorite of ours. Its own brand range boasts some great bralets and nonwired styles for smaller busts, and it also stocks plenty of fuller bust lines too.

    5. Pick Brands That Work For Her Shape

    The average size offering for a mainstream lingerie line is S-XL and around 30A-38D (with some variation above and below - some size ranges are as small as 32B-36D). If you're looking for something in that kind of range, you should have plenty of choice by just walking into a lingerie shop or department. If you've checked the label and found that you need something in a different size, options may be slightly more limited, so look at the labels for indications of the brands she likes.

    For DD+ cup sizes, try Freya, Curvy Kate, Miss Mandalay, Fantasie, Affinitas, Panache, and Pour Moi, for a start. There are also some styles from M&S, Myla, Mimi Holliday, Agent Provocateur, and Elle Macpherson Intimates in larger cup sizes. Lingerie shops like Boux Avenue offer some styles, while Bravissimo specializes only in fuller-bust brands.

    On the other end of the scale, if you're shopping for a small-busted woman (AA or A cup) or one with a narrow back (30 inches or below), you may struggle to find much on offer that isn't designed for teenagers, so ask assistants for guidance where you can, or try websites like Little Women or The Little Bra Company. When shopping on larger retailers' websites, the "shop by size" tool is your friend!

    6. Work Out How Much You Want to Spend

    Lingerie prices vary wildly from brand to brand. You can get sets from as little as $15, but expect to pay around $38-$53 for a midrange bra and about $23 for the matching panties. Fuller-bust brands can be a little more expensive. Luxury brands easily go into the hundreds. As it's Christmas, you probably want to splash out on something a bit special, so look for brands like Simone Perele and Chantal Thomass for luxury French lingerie. Myla and Agent Provocateur are two big players for high-end sexy styles, and we also really rate Aubade, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Huit, Passionata, Mimi Holliday, and Stella McCartney for treats.

    7. Consider Something a Bit Unusual

    If your loved one is willing to try something a bit different, look beyond the high street for some more directional designs. For something edgy and contemporary, Marlies Dekkers teams simple shapes with strapping detail for a sexy, sporty look. British label Made by Niki is also a great find for a girl who's after something modern and unusual, while Aussie label Hopeless puts a very chic (but still NSFW) spin on bondage. For fans of the vintage look, there are lots of beautiful brands that create looks inspired by the past. Try Kiss Me Deadly and What Katie Did to start off. Quirky girls will love the handmade treasures at Buttress and Snatch.

    8. Play It Safe If You're Unsure

    If you're unsure on exact size, that doesn't mean you can't buy something lingerie-related. As we've said, bras are probably not an option, but there are alternatives. Camisoles, negliges, robes, and luxury pajamas all invoke the same feeling of glamour and luxury, and most styles are versatile enough that being one size out won't matter too much (it goes without saying that if you're in doubt, buy the smaller size and keep the receipt). If you have lots to spend, try Jenny Packham's incredible intimates range or Carine Gilson's beautiful vintage-inspired styles. On a tighter budget, Rosie for M&S, Somerset by Temperley, and Boux Avenue get our vote.

    9. Remember, You're Shopping For Her, Not For You

    If all goes to plan, you'll both get something out of this purchase. She'll feel and look fabulous, and you'll get to see her wearing something special that you chose. But remember her comfort and confidence are the key. If you buy something she hates just because you'd like to see her body in it, she'll probably wear it once, then hide it in the bottom of her wardrobe. By showing you know her well enough to pick out something that both suits her style and looks fabulous on her, you'll get double the brownie points, and you'll probably see her in it far more often!

    10. Keep the Receipt

    Even if you're 100 percent sure you've got it right, keep the receipt just in case. Make sure you pay attention to the brand's returns policy, as they can be a bit funny about lingerie. Panties are often nonrefundable for hygiene reasons, so think twice before spending a fortune on something you're not sure about. The distance selling policy helps when buying online, so this is sometimes safer than going to a store. If in doubt, you could buy a gift voucher instead. It might not feel as romantic, but you can help by making it an experience - wrap the voucher in a luxurious box with tissue, some rose petals, and a bottle of Champagne or perfume (perfect if the brand has its own scent, like Agent Provocateur), and explain that her taste is highly superior to yours, and she should be able to choose her own gift!

  • The Style Set Takes the Super Bowl

    Off the field, the Super Bowl dress code is more glam than sporty. Just take a look at the stars who stepped out to ring in Super Bowl 50 with a lineup of weekend parties - and the looks to go with them. From Kate Bosworth to Kate Hudson, take a look at everyone who stepped out to ring in game day right here.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Every Designer Beyoncé Wears in "Formation"

    While the country was getting excited to see Beyoncé at Sunday's Super Bowl, the superstar decided to surprise us all by dropping her "Formation" track and video on Saturday. No big deal.

    What is a major deal, though, is the high fashion Beyoncé wears throughout the video. From Fendi to Gucci, Beyoncé managed to work in a number of the world's top designers - and even gives a shout-out to Givenchy in the lyrics. Here's your ultimate guide to every piece she wears in her "Formation" video.

  • The Big Issue With Sale Shopping That No One Talks About

    Like any good bargain shopper, I've experienced the strain of navigating crazy sample sales and I've felt the high of somehow scoring the bag I wanted at half the price. I've been lucky enough to scoop up some of my favorite pieces - a Mansur Gavriel bag, Prada boots, even an Alexander Wang dress with the tags still on - in my time as a smart shopper. The fact is that many of the clothes I love are things I could never afford, unless I'm lucky enough to find them somewhere with at least one markdown. So I've devoted myself to the art of shopping smart, with plenty of rewarding results.

    Still, despite my devotion to sale shopping my way to my dream wardrobe, there's a dark side to my favorite hobby: buyer's remorse. With sales, it's not uncommon to find exactly what you want, but in the wrong size or color. I can't tell you the number of times I've stared hopelessly at some piece I've been eyeing for months, convincing myself that even though I barely got it on, it will fit fine once I'm home.

    With any full-priced item, it's easier to be picky - to hold out for what you really want - to make it worth your money. But when something is on sale, that dangerous question arises, what are we willing to sacrifice for a great deal? There are plenty of times when half a shoe size doesn't really matter - so buy the heels! But there will always be those items that sit sadly in the back of my closet, impulse buys gone awry.

    After making the mistake of buying something that just wasn't quite right, I've finally found respite in setting a few boundaries. I've learned to remember that there's a difference between want and need: a great discount doesn't justify buying another pair of skinny jeans. I've also learned to wise up about investing in something that isn't the right size because it will never fit right (unless you know a magical tailor - then size up). Lastly, I've learned that a wardrobe is a work in progress. It's OK to hold off from buying the first leather jacket you find, because inevitably one you love will arrive one day, and you'll regret just going with the one you sorta-kinda like.

    I'll always support a trip to a sample sale, or taking a chance to treat yourself when you find something you really love at a discount, but learning not to binge when it comes to sale shopping will leave you with less stress and more money - a win-win, right?

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