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  • Three Drifting Hellcats Are Better than One, Starring a Pontiac Aztek – Video

    2121 is a magical figure. Not because I say so, but thanks to the fact that three Hellcats are better than one. Everybody knows that, but this doesn't mean we don't like the tire-melting proof brought by the video below, which sees a triumvirate of such 707 hp Challengers fooling around. At first, you might be tempted to say the action relies solely on gas and the blood, sweat and tears of those rear tires. And you wou... (continue reading >>)
  • Telstra offering 12 months free of Apple Music, suggests carrier billing support

    Telstra, the largest carrier in Australia, has today launched a new webpage on which it reveals an exclusive offering related to Apple Music. The carrier is offering new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers, across both 12 month and 24 month contracts, a free year of Apple Music on its Go Mobile plans. This offering is the first of its kind for Apple Music, and also hints at a another first: carrier billing.

    AT&T and Beats partnered up early on to offer carrier billing, as well as exclusive family plan pricing, but shortly following Apple's acquisition of Beats, the partnership with AT&T disintegrated. With carrier billing, Telstra will be able to bill customers directly for Apple Music following the 12 months of free service. This also means that the charge would appear on the user's Telstra bill, not on any iTunes receipts.

    While Telstra has yet to fully confirm that it will offer carrier billing with Apple Music, a note from the terms and conditions of its 12 month free offer implies such:

    If you sign up and agree to T&Cs to put Apple Music on your Telstra account this will roll on to a paying subscription at the end of the trial / free period unless you cancel it. You will receive an SMS 3 days prior to rolling over to a paid subscription.

    Another piece of evidence supporting Telstra's plans to fully integrate Apple Music into its repertoire comes in a new login prompt Appel Music presents when you redeem the 12 months of free service. “Your Apple Music membership with Telstra will be linked to your Apple ID, allowing you to listen on your other devices,” the prompt reads.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.26.46 PM

    Apple has already partnered with T-Mobile in the United States to offer uncapped streaming via the carrier as part of tis Music Freedom program. In Australia, Telstra previously had a deal with MOG for an extended free trial and subsequent carrier billing. Spotify offers carrier billing via Sprint in the United States, as well.

    Carrier billing would open an even larger market for Apple's new music streaming service, especially if it expands outside of Australia. It seems likely that Apple is at least making efforts behind the scenes to do so, but nothing is yet confirmed.

    Thanks, Beau!

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  • The Logic Pros: Time compression and pitch correction with Logic’s built-in Flex tools

    The Logic Pros-Hero

    In this week's episode of the The Logic Pros, Flex audio features are up, with some serious hardware reviews on deck. Next week we will start a mini-series of episodes showcasing some top-notch instruments from the likes of Moog, Native Instruments and more, but first we will dive into Logic's time compression/expansion and micro pitch correction features:

    Logic Pro X comes packed with a powerful set of audio manipulation tools known as Flex. While Logic and just about every other DAW have always had ways to speed up/slow down audio, independent of the file's pitch or not, Flex parameters give as much more in depth control over our audio than the legacy Time Pitch Machine.

    Flex Time:

    With Flex time we can ask Logic to analyze an audio file allowing us to speed it up or down based on our session's BPM, and without changing its pitch (for the most part). As per usual, we can only stray so far from the file's original BPM before we start getting into some nasty sounding artifacts, but the particular analysis mode selected can be helpful. While in most cases Logic will automatically make an intelligent decision based on the audio, it's always a good idea to have a basic understanding of the options in case it doesn't.

    There are 4 basic time options: Monophonic, Polyphonic, Slicing and Rhythmic, along with two FX based options known as Speed and Tempophone. Mono is for basic single voiced instruments like say a guitar or a vocal; Poly is for multi-voiced audio like a full song or multi-track sample; and Slicing and Rhythm are generally better for drum parts or rhythmic audio. Things get pretty crazy with the Pitch and Tempophone options as each slice or analyzed section of your file will change in pitch and tempo, respectively. This is based on a number of factors including the source material, your quantization settings for the file, session BPM and more.

    The Logic Pros-Time-T header

    Here's how to set it up:

    Note: It is always recommended to first know the pitch, key and BPM of the file you are about to Flex, but it is not completely necessary.

    1. First lets make sure we click the Flex hide/view button on the arrange page (seen above) or push command + F. Then engage Flex mode on your desired track by hitting the same icon on its track header.

    Note: Whatever BPM your Logic session is set to is the base tempo with which Logic will assume the file originated at, so it is recommended to have your session's BPM set at that tempo before analyzing a track. Otherwise you may get into some annoying issues. Let us know in the comments below of you need a hand with anything.

    2. Give Logic a second to analyze your audio file and then you're ready. You'll notice Logic has chosen an algorithm for you, but feel free to change that selection from the new track header menu that has now appeared to better suite your creative needs.

    The Logic Pros-Flex Transport

    3. Now the audio region will compress/expand in time based on the tempo of our session. If you speed the session up, the audio will come with you accordingly. Super helpful for demoing or auditioning alternate tempos for songs, on top of a wealth of other creative possibilities in the sampling arena and more. You'll also notice that the typical MIDI region quantize features are now made available to you, which can be helpful for loose rhythmic parts, minor corrections or even creative beat making.

    We also have some additional manual controls provided allowing us to to create custom segments on the track, variable speed audio files, and to alter the pre-made segments Logic has assigned. These are likely more useful to power users, but nonetheless very helpful.

    Flex Pitch:

    Pitch features were added to Flex mode with Logic Pro X, offering a deep and applicable pitch tool to the package for free. A term that gets thrown around much too liberally, this isn't you're basic “auto-tune”, but rather a tool that provides everything from micro pitch correction to formant and vibrato manipulation.

    The Logic Pros-Melo

    These sort of audio features are generally only found in tailor-made third party software like Celemony's Melodyne app, which can run you as much as $399 on its own.

    Admittedly, some of the full featured and expensive third party options will offer a wider range of options, dealing with polyphonic material much better in some cases and generally coming with more bells and whistles. However, Flex Time can do everything from micro pitch corrections on that otherwise perfect vocal take, to programmed multi-layered harmonies, those high-pitched choppy “auto-tune” sounding Skrillex vocals and even drastic alien/robotic sounds.

    The Logic Pros-Handles-Vib

    Once a file is set to Flex Pitch mode, we can Pitch quantize it to a particular scale or manually move each note to a desired pitch. The on-screen handle controls that appear when hovering over a segment of an analyzed file will provide 6 controls: Pitch Drift in and out on the top corners which determines the way each note transitions from one to another; a basic Pitch control (in musical cents); a per segment Gain control; Vibrato to determine the amount with which a note naturally wavers around the desired pitch; and Formant control allowing us to change the timbre or tone of the sound without changing the pitch.

    The Logic Pros-Flex Pull-down

    Here's how to set it up:

    1. Flex Pitch is engaged in the same way as Flex Time via the Flex track header switch or command + F

    2. This time choose Flex Pitch from the pull down menu.

    Note: You can't Flex both your time and pitch skills at the same time. One or the other folks.

    3. The selected audio file now now has additional info/controls displayed on it. Click on the desired region to open it up in your editor window for a closer look. From here we can access all of the above described controls for each segment or note by mousing them to the desired pitch/timbre with the handle controls or the side-mounted region controls.

    The Logic Pros-Scales

    Along the side of the Flex Pitch window in the audio editor we also have a Pitch Correction tool which will snap the segments to the nearest note; your basic Time Quantize; Gain; and the Scale Quantize feature which allows us to snap the entire performance into a certain musical scale. These side bar controls effect whatever notes we have selected in the audio editor window.

    The Logic Pros-Flex Region

    Flex Pitch Tips:

    I just want Flex certain regions on a track, not the entire lot!?!. Chill, no prob. We can choose to forgo Flex on any region of a certain track by selecting the desired region and deselecting the Flex checkbox in the region inspector.

    The Logic Pros-Harmonies-artifical

    I can't sing harmonies, but Logic sure can. Artificial harmonies have been used in music production for many years. While there is certainly no replacement for the real thing, duplicating Flex pitched vocal parts on to another track (command + D), and them bumping the notes up or down can offer some pretty impressive sounding fake vocal harmonies.

    The Logic Pros-MIDI In.

    Hey look a MIDI In button. See that red MIDI In button along the top of the Flex Pitch audio editor window? If you engage it, you can move selected notes to a desired pitch by pushing the keys on your MIDI keyboard. Make sure the playhead is on top of the note you want to move.

    The Logic Pros-Flex Groove

    Groovy Templates: We can create our own Groove templates to quantize MIDI parts to based on the rhythmic properties of a Flex'd audio region. Select the audio region, head up to the quantize menu in the region inspector and hit the Make Groove Template option. This can be very helpful if you're trying to lock programmed MIDI parts up with Live live recordings.

    The Logic Pros is a new regular series exploring all of the most interesting gadgets and software for making music on your Mac/iOS devices. If there is any gear you would like us to take a closer hands-on look at, let us know in the comments section below or shoot us an email.

    More The Logic Pros:

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  • This BMW E90 335i Just Put Down 741 WHP and 624 lb-ft of Torque – Video

    By now, everyone in the BMW community knows what the new S55 3-liter twin-turbo plant inside the M3 and M4 is capable of tuning-wise. People have squeezed in excess of 500 HP from them easy, with just a mild ECU tune but what about its predecessors? The N55 plant that is the basis of the S55 is known for its potential too. People have been taking it to around 400 HP with rather small changes and that's no surprise. Turbocharging... (continue reading >>)
  • Tuuli Shipster, 15 images

  • Taylor Swift Is Celebrating National Girlfriends Day With a Very Stylish Bunch

    Taylor Swift's roster of friends is undeniably long, from Lorde to Haim and even Kanye West, despite that famous VMAs incident back in 2009. And while the crew continues to grow there seems to be one requirement to join – a great sense of style. From models like Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss to A-listers like Lena Dunham, Taylor's gaggle of girlfriends is always dressed to impress. And whether they're just hanging at home or they are joining Taylor on stage during her 1989 tour, Taylor's friends prove that they are the ultimate high-fashion accessory. Scroll through for a look at who made the (very chic) list, in honor of National Girlfriends Day!

    - Additional reporting by Samantha Sutton

  • The new 9to5


    You might notice that 9to5Mac has changed. Indeed so has the whole network. Long before the page size/speed and advertising controversies, we knew that we needed to rethink how we presented ourselves.

    While we were one of the lightest and fastest sites in our field, our feature creep and advertisers were adding complexity and page load times, which is especially crucial on mobile – an ever expanding percentage of our growing audience.

    We decided to start over.

    You are VIPs (so we are VIP)

    One thing we've loved for years is our hosting provider: We're hosted on WordPress's own top-tier VIP. That means we have tons of global redundancy and speed, the latest WordPress code free from hacks and exploits, and the smartest backend help around. VIP is the same platform and servers that Bloomberg, NFL, NBC, Time, NYPost, CNN, Quartz, Fortune and many of the world's top websites use.

    VIP obviously costs a lot of money, which is why we're the only Apple site that puts this much of our resources into our hosting. What this buys us (and you) is:

    • The fastest page loads around the world
    • Outages/slowdowns almost unheard of even during huge events
    • Unparalleled safety and security

    VIP is worth it. You are worth it.

    We're also proud to work with 10up, who executed strategy, design, development, and ad integration for our latest iteration. We've been one of 10up's earliest clients, since Jake Goldman started the agency on his own in 2011. 10up has grown to over a hundred employees, and it services the same top-tier class of clients. The fact that we've grown alongside 10up says a lot about both of our organizations.

    What's new? Everything (else).

    We started with a clean slate and questioned everything on the site. If it wasn't integral to the experience, it's gone. If it's important, we cleaned it up and made it better.

    We've killed the tag lines on our logos. We've killed the right sidebar because it prevented us from doing full width imagery, media, and writing, and it wasn't great for mobile. We've cleaned up search, social, tags, and category placement. Our new fonts are fresh and more readable across a wide variety of devices. The front page scrolls ‘infinitely' with date and stock price line dividers while article pages load up relevant stories to continue to read. “Asides”, our coverage of niche stories with a one line title, now have images and will open up in-line.

    The focus is on beauty and usability across all platforms. From iPhone to iMac and everything in between. We love it and hope you do too.

    Ads (ugh)

    Ads are a particularly painful part of my life, and I could and probably will write a book on the what/whys/hows etc. The bottom line is that banner ads currently are a very necessary evil, but we use DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchange, which are industry standards for speed, reliability, and quality.

    The good news is that with the sidebar gone, there are fewer ads, and ads only appear between every two posts on the front page. Ads will only load up as you scroll. That makes the page itself quicker and uses much less data than loading up the front page full of ads right away.

    More importantly, we are also experimenting with sponsored posts/native ads that clear the house ads for the day (Get in Touch!). In a perfect world, we'd do one of these a day, every day, all year.

    New Site! (

    The news that Apple and Google are working on electric cars and building huge solar farms is recent, but we've been covering the “post fossil fuel” transportation industry for two years on (a hobby!). With new writers Fred Lambert and Jon Jivan, we're now going full time.

    Cars will change more in the next 10 years than they have in the last 100. Almost every car on the street right now will be valueless.

    Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) November 18, 2013

    I believe we're in the early stages of a huge transition away from fossil fuel. Coal and natural gas are being replaced by wind and solar power. We're at a tipping point with electric cars where they are starting to cost less to use than gas (even at reduced prices). That's before climate change action by people and governments kick in.

    We'll be documenting it all.

    Expect full coverage every day of:

    • Electric cars from Tesla and other automakers
    • Autonomous driving
    • Electric boats, planes, trains, bikes, skateboards, and any other means of transportation out there
    • Wind and hydro power
    • Hobby to large scale solar and sustainable living
    Enjoy! (and what's next)

    As always, we very much appreciate your comments and feedback. We know there will be some “cheese moved” and missing, damaged, or broken stuff. We're currently hard at work making everything perfect. Please, play around and help us find issues.

    While this is a huge step for us, we're already working on some new video and podcast ideas, building out the community sites for general use, and even finishing a few apps by our own Benjamin Mayo. We're now over 20 international writers network-wide as well as a whole back office full of folks dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information, and entertainment about the technology you love.

    Thanks so much.

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  • Tim Cook thanks “thousands of Hong Kong customers” who attended Canton Road store opening

    Canton Road Apple Store 2:1

    Tim Cook tweeted his thanks today to the “thousands of Hong Kong customers” who attended the opening of the company's fourth Apple Store in Hong Kong.

    Plans for the store were first announced in 2013, with construction photos first seen in February. Apple announced the opening date on its website a couple of weeks ago. The additional store is part of Apple's ambitious expansion program in China, having so far opened six of the 25 new stores it plans to open within two years.

    Photos of the new store can be seen below …

    The Tsim Sha Tsui Apple Store is located at 100 Canton Road in a high-end retail area in Kowloon. A number of big-name fashion brands have stores in the same area.

    Unwire took some photos the night before the opening. We've put together a gallery of these below – click on any of the photos to view full size, and check out the complete set over at

    DSC04548 DSC04553 DSC04556 DSC04559 DSC04563 DSC04564

    Thank you to the thousands of Hong Kong customers who joined the celebration for our new store on Canton Road!

    Tim Cook (@tim_cook) July 30, 2015
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  • Tiger Woods Denies Cheating On Lindsey Vonn With Amanda Boyd Tiger Woods Denies Cheating On Lindsey Vonn With Amanda Boyd

    Tiger Woods denies cheating on Lindsey Vonn with Jason Dufner's ex-wife Amanda Boyd. Haha! Classic Tiger. Tiger Woods Lindsey VonnTiger Woods denies cheating on Lindsey Vonn with Jason Dufner's ex-wife Amanda Boyd. Haha! Classic Tiger. More »
  • Tiens revoilà Lady Gaga

    Découvrez la dernière tenue de Lady-Gaga pour une virée nocturne à Londres! Galerie : Pour son retour sur la scène people, Lady Gaga nous a sorti le grand jeu : sortie publique en lingerie, chapeau improblable, cache téton, attitude déjantée,… Bref Lady Gaga is back!


    Découvrez la dernière tenue de Lady-Gaga pour une virée nocturne à Londres!

    Galerie :

    Pour son retour sur la scène people, Lady Gaga nous a sorti le grand jeu : sortie publique en lingerie, chapeau improblable, cache téton, attitude déjantée,… Bref Lady Gaga is back!

  • The Crap We Missed – Thursday 6.25.15 The Crap We Missed – Thursday 6.25.15

    Arianny Celeste's topless handbra, Sir Elton John, who will die by my hand, and Sylvester Stallone trying to bang Brienne of Tarth. It's The Crap We Missed. Arianny Celeste Topless Handbra Daisy Dukes InstagramArianny Celeste's topless handbra, Sir Elton John, who will die by my hand, and Sylvester Stallone trying to bang Brienne of Tarth. It's The Crap We Missed. More »
  • Tallulah Willis Cheeky Upskirt In Weho

    While Rumer Willis captured the attention of America by winning Dancing With the Stars, I read that quote somewhere, her two sisters continue their ambling around town and on social media figuring out occasional means to get themselves...
  • Tove Lo dévoile un sein en plein concert!

    Telle Janette Jackson, Tove Lo a enflammé le public de Las Vegas! Galerie: Pour voir ce que cela donnait en live, voici la vidéo de son concert à Las Vegas: Pour les impatients allez directement vers la 3eme minute En tout cas, heureusement qu’il y a la preuve en video, sinon on aurait jamais cru […]


    Telle Janette Jackson, Tove Lo a enflammé le public de Las Vegas!

    20150523-tove-lo-sein-1 20150523-tove-lo-sein-2 20150523-tove-lo-sein-3 20150523-tove-lo-sein-4 20150523-tove-lo-sein-5

    Pour voir ce que cela donnait en live, voici la vidéo de son concert à Las Vegas:

    Pour les impatients allez directement vers la 3eme minute ;-) En tout cas, heureusement qu’il y a la preuve en video, sinon on aurait jamais cru qu’elle l’aurait fait express.

  • Tove Lo Looking Sexy In A White Bikini In Miami

    Swedish singer and bonafide hottie Tove Lo was spotted in a white bikini on the beach in Miami. She’s got a nice pair of lovely lady meats that love spectacular in that bikini top. It looks like it was a little cold that day as she is nippin’ like nobody’s business. She’s also got a […]
  • Taylor Swift, élue femme la plus sexy du monde

    Maxim vient de publier sa liste des 100 femmes les plus sexy du monde. Cette année, c’est Taylor Swift qui se retrouve en tête du palmarès.
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